Two Ways That Entrepreneurs Can Deal With Divorce

Divorce can put a serious stranglehold on your business. There are productive and destructive ways to deal with it. John Hewitt explains in this article, how you can deal with divorce in the midst trying to run a successful business. Here’s why this is important.

Why Main Street Businesses Fail to Sell

Attached is an interesting article by Holly Magister recently posted on Forbes. It lists some of the most common reasons why smaller businesses fail to sell. They include:
– Lack of recurring revenue
– Unrealistic expectations
– Messy financials
– Declining sales
How does your business stack up?

4 Ways to Grow Your Business

The first step in growing your business is to identify where the most likely opportunity for additional revenue might be. There are several possibilities you can consider, all with varying levels of risk, effort, cost and potential rewards.

Guest Post: John Martinka on Due Diligence

This recently hit my inbox from colleague John Martinka. I thought it had some good insights on what is really important when valuing a business as well as things to consider as you run your business, and build and nurture your customer base.

I recently attended an ACG webinar on M&A due diligence. My expectations were that we’d spend a lot of time on spreadsheets and legalities. Boy was I wrong!