Three Reasons You Should Sell Your Business

Are you looking for a new opportunity? Ready to do something different with your personal or business life? If so, this article by Pamela Wasley will move you in the right direction. One thing is for sure…. you must recognize when it time for a change.

If You Run a Company Together, What Happens When You Divorce?

It’s one thing to divide money, houses and cars in a divorce. But what do you do with the business you both run? In this unique article, Michelle Crosby offers six steps to help keeping your business together in the midst of turmoil. Keep one thing in mind… don’t go through this process alone. Read on to find out why.

The Secret to Becoming a Better Manager

Are you trying to balance selling your business with running it?

In this insightful Fortune Magazine article from November 2015, Michelle Buck, President of North America for The Hershey Company offers sound advice for managing all aspects of your business.

How to Build an Employee-Owned Company

If you are thinking that you would like to sell your company to employees, then I suggest you read this article from the February, 2015 issue of Entrepreneur.

Will My Business Pay for My Retirement?

For business owners contemplating retirement, one of the most daunting challenges you will undertake is preparing your business for sale. The marketplace is more sophisticated than it was just a few years ago. Potential buyers are more skeptical, and determining when and how to transition your business is more complicated than ever. Additionally, with 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day for the next 15+ years, there figures to be more businesses for sale than potential buyers.

Read on for an eye-opening article from Bill Walls of Business to Community

Do You Have an Exit Plan?

“Exit strategies may allow you to get out before the bottom falls out of your industry. Well-planned exits allow you to get a better price for your business.”

A great article re-posted from Deal Studio….. Enjoy!