Do We Need to Talk More About Entrepreneurship and Divorce?

Divorce is the seven-letter word nobody wants to talk about in business.  If you’re blissfully married or on the verge of divorce, your business will come into play.  In the article from Jessica Stillman, entrepreneur habits like “winging it” and “self-reliance” can cost you your business and profits.  Bottom line, have a “Divorce Contingency Plan”.

4 Ways to Grow Your Business

The first step in growing your business is to identify where the most likely opportunity for additional revenue might be. There are several possibilities you can consider, all with varying levels of risk, effort, cost and potential rewards.

Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner?

I was the guest speaker at a class on Entrepreneurship at a local community college the other day. It got me thinking about the difference between an entrepreneur and a small business owner and what it takes to be either one.

Build it and They Will Come – Lessons for an Entrepreneur

I was recently the guest speaker at a class on Entrepreneurship at Seattle Central Community College. As it was, I also happened to have just seen the movie Field of Dreams with my son (remember that classic?). As I was trying to communicate to this young class the elements of a successful venture, I related to Kevin Costner’s struggle and ultimate success.