Our Work

With revenues in the $1-$50 million range, our clients span many industries, including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, professional services, healthcare and real estate.

Our consulting clients are typically in transition. They are either experiencing high growth or looking for the next opportunity. Some are experiencing growing pains while others are struggling financially or lagging in the marketplace. Most are looking for a fresh perspective or additional support to help them achieve their goals. All want to grow profitably and increase their business value.

Our business clients often turn to us because they need laser focus to resolve a pressing issue, a supplement to their management team, support defining and articulating their roadmap or help building out their infrastructure.

Our valuation clients want to determine the value of their business for a divorce proceeding, a potential transaction, a tax-related issue, or to identify opportunities and benchmark future performance. Many are thinking about transitioning from their business and all are seeking an independent, thorough and realistic valuation of their business.

Our divorcing clients rely on us to bring clarity and structure to an often complicated financial situation. They want an independent perspective, expertise and support in financially separating from their spouse.

See our Testimonials and Case Studies to learn more about the results we help our clients achieve.