M&A Assistance

Situation and Challenge

We were retained by a CPA firm to assist in the due diligence and post-merger integration for a client which was contemplating the purchase of a $20M business. The entity operated two companies in Canada and the Western United States and would potentially complement the potential buyer’s existing business interests.


We developed a consolidated financial forecast for the business which consisted of three operating units in three geographic areas. It allowed the potential acquirer to assess the viability of each of the underlying operating units, as well as the geographic areas within these units to determine if the business would be best purchased in-whole or in-part.

The forecast reflected both the inter-relationship between two of the businesses, which shared resources, and incorporated changes to the business as envisioned by the potential new owner. The forecast was used to substantiate a purchase price for the company.

We also assisted in due diligence and post-merger integration activities, including gathering and reviewing legal and operational documents as well as assisting in the transition process.


The business was purchased by the CPA’s client and successfully transitioned.