8 Financial Tips for Men Getting a Divorce

In TV shows and movies, the typical divorce narrative is to portray women as celebrated victims. Meanwhile, men are depicted as silent sufferers who feel resentment, anger, depression and fear over lingering financial issues, relationship turmoil and worries over breaking up their families. Off camera, the truth is that men don’t always have the tools — or the support — to deal with these very real concerns.

Are you obsessed with your competition? Concerned about encroachment and trying to anticipate their every move?Or, maybe you are blissfully oblivious. You are unaware or unconcerned of others with similar products or services competing for your customers.  

5 Benefits of Getting a Business Valuation

Peace-of-mind, satisfaction, value. These are a handful of the benefits of getting a business valuation. In the www.inc.com article, Chirag Kulkarni shares five benefits you haven’t considered. What you learn is simple, but profitable. One jumped out right away….. knowing your company resale value is necessary for success.